Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What-I'm-Watching-Wednesday: Diabolique

As part of our new "What-I'm-Reading-Wednesday" blog segment, we've decided to also highlight the Ort Library's diverse film collection with an occasional "What-I'm-Watching-Wednesday" post. What better time to feature a classic foreign horror film than the week of Halloween?

Henri-Georges Clouzot's timeless thriller Diabolique debuted in 1955 as a harrowing account of an extraordinarily cruel headmaster who abuses and terrorizes both his wife and his mistress. The two women eventually tire of his ill treatment and plot to end his brutality once and for all. The events of his death seemingly unfold the way they planned, but things take a surprising turn when the body disappears.

Diabolique is a much-admired French suspense film, and a classic psychological thriller. It is based on the novel Celle qui n'etait plus (She Who Was No More) by Pierre Boileau and Thomas Narcejac. Alfred Hitchcock was heavily influenced by Clouzot's work, particularly Diabolique, and one can find many similarities between their work, especially in films like Psycho and Strangers on a Train

Diabolique as well as all of the other films held by the Ort Library are available on the second floor beyond the Juvenile collection. Films are also searchable in the Library's catalog, and can be requested by clicking on the yellow "Request" button. Log in using your 14-digit Library barcode number (located on your University ID), and your last name. You will then be able to select your pick-up location. The Library will notify you via email when your item has arrived for pick-up. If you need assistance with this process, please contact the Circulation Desk at 301-687-4395.

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