Thursday, October 15, 2015

Companion : Never Walk Home Alone

Have you ever felt unsafe walking home from campus or from a friend’s house late at night? Thanks to five students from the University of Michigan who recently developed an app called ‘Companion,’ your friends can now virtually walk you home at night. The Companion app was featured on Business Insider ( and other news outlets, and has been catching a lot of buzz, as of late. According to its website, ( through the app you can enter your destination, add friends and family, and request them to be your companion on your journey home. Your companion can virtually follow your journey and if at any time you stray off course or say you feel nervous, your companion can call to check on you or alert the police. The developers of ‘Companion’ also hope to work with local police to identify potential locations of criminal activity when numerous people have indicated they feel nervous in a certain area. 

The Companion app is available for download free from The App Store or Google Play.

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