Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fall 2011, Begin!

Welcome back!

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As you can see things are about to get very bustling here at the library.
New this semester:
1. 3 new group computer rooms on 5th Floor.
2. 3 group computer carrels on 5th Floor, overlooking the baseball diamond.
3. A great new database, S&P Net Advantage, for business research.

Be sure to check out
The new titles display in the 3rd floor lobby
The Code of Conduct posters on all floors--these may clear up questions you may have.
LibGuides, our guides to resources in your subject!
Have a great semester.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Why is Research Important

As an instruction librarian, I try to get students thinking of the character-growth issues inherent in research. I've done it by way of video, and I've adopted the moniker junderground to try it by way of comic strip:

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sexting! Retweeting! Woot!

Mashable.com reports that the august institution The Concise Oxford English Dictionary is focusing on Millenial cyberspeak for this year's update, adding the words "retweet" "sexting" "cyberbullying" and "woot." Thus, when I write the sentence "Last week I figured I'd break my retweeting addiction by taking up sexting, but I found that this, too, took up too much time I could've been using on my doctoral dissertation on cyberbullying practices stemming from the victim's overuse of the word 'woot'" I am using only standard English words.