Friday, July 16, 2010

Smithsonian Magazine Looks Into the Future

Smithsonian celebrates its 40th anniversary with a double issue, Jul-Aug.,

that looks into the next 40 years, with projections and promotions from

experts in agriculture, astronomy, nanotechnology and other fields.


  • Just as cell phones are given away today, electric cars will be free

  • To tap new sources of energy, people will do business in space

  • By 2050, biologists will discover at least 2,000 new mammal species worldwide

  • Joining forces, farmers and city dwellers will plant spinach in tall buildings

  • Medical researchers could enable a person to regrow a servered limb

  • If farmers don't start saving land and water, more people will go hungry

  • A medical lab that fits on a postage stamp will save lives in the world's poorest countries