Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Featured Online Resource: Best Books 0f 2011

This week's Featured Online Resource is just what we love around here--a list list. Largeheartedboy.com has posted a list of a couple hundred online lists of "best" books of 2011. Included are EarlyWord's "books for kids you don't know very well", Film Vs. Books "best books", FutureBooks' "best book apps", and Library Journal's "best acknowledgments." This, to me, is the best list of Best Book Lists for four years running.

Check Out The New Library Website!

The Ort Library launched its brand new library website today at http://www.frostburg.edu/lewis-ort-library/! Check it out! It has some new features like a tutorials page where you can view short instructional videos for many online library tools for in-depth research and distance education.

This is the library's first major website redesign since 2004 and all the links have changed, so please update your bookmarks! A handful of old site links will be automatically redirected to their new pages, including:
  • The Catalog USMAI page
  • The Research Port page
  • The Online Library Materials Request Form
  • The Library Instruction Request Form
All other old site links will be redirected to the new library home page.

As Library Webmaster, I'd like to thank my student assistant Brian Neumyer for helping me getting this new website going. Of course, Brian and I couldn't have achieved this without the wonderful help and support of the FSU Web Services Team: Stephanie Cesnick, Jon Yoder, and Josh Ray!

Friday, December 16, 2011

"Pragmatic" Year's Most-sought word

Merriam-Webster online has released its list of 10 most-searched words for 2011. It's a fanciful thing to do, something to be appreciated by people with full bellies and plenty of free time, quite the opposite of the definition of the word topping the list: pragmatic.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Finding Jobs Through Social Networking?

Mashable.com posted an enlightening and surprising story and series of infographics on the modest but growing number of people who have landed jobs via social networking sites. See if you can pry yourself away from facebook long enough to read it.