Sunday, October 4, 2015

Fall Brings ORIE 101 Students into the Library

For the past 5 weeks the Lewis J. Ort Library has been welcoming new freshman students into the library during their ORIE 101 sessions. You may have seen groups of students walking around the library looking for books, group study rooms, and other areas of the library.

The ORIE 101 classes that come to the library get a basic introduction to the library and then they complete a scavenger hunt to “get to know” the library a little better. The students are very competitive because there are prizes for the team that has the most points.

Below are some of the questions the ORIE 101 students are asked.
  • How many scanners are located on the 2nd floor?
  • How many individual study rooms are on the 5th floor of the library?
  • What types of resources does Special Collection hold?
  • How many people do you need to use a study room and how long can a group use a group study room for?
  • If you were looking for books on the topic of Sports and Recreation, in which call number range would you most likely find information on that topic?
  • If I want to renew my books online, what link on the library’s home page would I select?
Here are students getting an overview of the library before setting out on the scavenger hunt.

Completing one question on the scavenger hunt – taking a picture with a reference librarian.

A winning team!

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