Thursday, September 24, 2015

Featured Online Resource:

Education majors, parents, or anyone with children in their lives may be interested in visiting in order to find educational games and resources to help children learn more about not just the government, but also science, math, art, reading, writing, and more.

In addition to performing a basic search to see what is available on any topic of interest, you can browse by subject areas, age group, as well as special sections for teachers or parents. serves as a clearinghouse finding educational resources for children on a variety of Federal and State government web sites.  It is often worthwhile to check out these individual web sites as well.  Some examples include:

For Kids:
US Geological Society's Education Page
Kids in Parks (National Park Service)
America's Library (Library of Congress)
Smithsonian Kids'
USDA for Kids
Ben's Guide to the US Government

 For Teachers/Parents:
Library of Congress Teacher Resources  - Specifically for teachers, includes a common core search option.
EdSitement (National Endowment for the Humanities) - Also includes an option to search by common core standards.

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