Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Four New Library Displays for October

The Ort Library displays for the month of October center on health and safety.  Floor 3 highlights Fire Prevention Week, October 6 - 12, with safety tips and resources.  Learn how to be safe using candles and while cooking in the kitchen or using a grill outside.  Do you have an escape route in case of a fire?  You can use the plan to devise and write your plan of safety.  Resources on the histories of the Frostburg and Cumberland Fire Department are included.

Floor 5 celebrates Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Included in the display are facts and ways to stay healthy.  Learn about men and breast cancer.  Discover what foods may lessen your risk and how maintaining a healthy life style potentially lessens the chances of getting breast cancer. 

Did you know on October 30, 1938, there was a radio broadcast of an alien invasion?   Orson Welles broadcast of H. G. Wells' masterpiece, "War of the Worlds" was so believable there was a mass panic.   Welles and Wells made the event seem real.  Read the newspaper articles of the broadcast's aftermath.  Check out the Library's sound recording (33 & 1/3 record)  of the radio broadcast for your Halloween celebration.

At the Western Maryland Independent Literature Festival,  Oct. 11 and 12, you can meet authors and writing experts on a variety of topics.  If you are a writer, there may a panel that will help hone your writing style.  Also present will be regional publishers with many of their publications.  Stop to talk about how to get your writing published.  Poetry, short stories, novels,  and magazines will be available for purchase.   

Written by MaryJo Price

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