Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Featured Online Resource - The National Archives Experience: Digital Vaults

Consider taking a virtual field trip this summer to the National Archives by visiting their Digital Vaults (http://www.digitalvaults.org/).

Digital Vaults is an online collection of some of the National Archives' most important digitized documents.  This can be an entertaining visit for anyone interested in United States history, or it can be a practical research opportunity, particularly if you are looking for primary sources as part of your research.

The Digital Vaults web site allows you to locate documents by performing keyword searches or browsing through assigned tags.

You may also randomly shuffle the documents to see what treasures are available.


If you're looking for a challenging puzzle, consider the "Pathways" challenge.   The challenge provides a clue, plus some suggested tags as a starting point.  Choose the tag that you feel is the best fit, and then browse the images to find the answer to the question.  The answer you find to one question will provide the tag "hints" for the next question.

If you're working on a creative project, the web site allows you to create posters or movies with the images available.

Every week, the Ort Library brings you a new and outstanding resource from the Web or from one of the library's databases. To get an archive of all FOR entries, click here. Also, you can suggest a website that provides well-organized access to useful info.

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