Friday, July 26, 2013

American FactFinder Seminar Held July 25

The Lewis J. Ort Library welcomed Ms. Nesreen Khashan, Data Dissemination Specialist from the US Census Bureau, on Thursday July 25, 2013 for a half-day workshop on American FactFinder (  The workshop provided participants with an overview of Census Bureau Programs and the tools that can be used to find statistical information.  In addition, participants learned about what information can be gathered from the 2010 Census compared with what information can be gathered from the American Community Survey.  The American Community Survey provides information in the following areas: demographic, social, economic, and housing.  Participants also learned how to use EasyStats ( and learned how to use American FactFinder to map data that has been retrieved.

Participants practicing their new skills.

 Participants practicing their new skills.

 Ms. Nesreen Khashan, Data Dissemination Specialist, US Census Bureau

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