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FOR for Dec. 13, 2010

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December 13, 2010

OECD Stat Extracts

Sources for U.S. statistics are plentiful and well-known. But here's a great, frequently-updated selection of international statistics. The OECD is the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development; the StatExtracts, part of the organization's i-library, pertain to many economic and commerce-oriented issues, but extend well beyond that, and can be considered an excellent source for all international-relations or foreign government questions.

Topics include:
Aid Activities
African Economic Outlook
Foreign, International Students Enrolled (by country)
Inland Waters by lakes
Monthly Statistics of International Trade
Purchasing Power Parities Statistics
Patents Statistics
Social Expenditure
Child Well-being

and many more. And, if you scroll to the bottom of the menu on the left, you come to the country profiles menu, which gives you a collection of stats for a particular country--the topics therein are nearly all the individual ones above in the menu, but not exactly.
To the largest extent, the data is for the thirty-four OECD member countries, but the menu on the left of the StatsExtracts page includes a "non-member economies" option, which is available throughout the OECD site.

With the StatisticsExtracts, you can work with the data to create spreadsheets, charts, etc. Choose from line charts, bar charts, pie graphs, and more.

The rest of the OECD's site is very useful, crammed full of original articles on competition, agriculture, education, on and on. Highly recommended!

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