Friday, December 3, 2010

FOR for week of Dec. 06

Featured Online Resource
Dec. 06, 2010

Every week, the Ort Library brings you a new and outstanding resource from the Web or from one of the library's databases. To get an archive of all FOR entries, click here. Also, you can suggest a website that provides well-organized access to useful info.

THIS WEEK'S Featured Online Resource

The BBC has unveiled a new archive of world music, allowing you to sample the musical traditions of more than 40 countries. India, Corsica,China, Cuba, Iran, Brazil, Mozambique, Turkey – they’re all represented in this eclectic collection of indigenous music. BBC 3 traveled to each country (including several conflict zones) to record the music. Featuring 100s of hours of free recordings, this archive is now available to a global audience. You can start exploring by selecting a recording by country name or via a world map.

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