Monday, June 1, 2009


Highlights from June issues of our magazines:

  • Inc-- This month's "How I Did It" features Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn, "the Facebook of professionals." (p. 82)

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  • The New Yorker (June 1)-- In the column "Talk of the Town," Jeffrey Toobin comments on recent speeches by Barack Obama and Dick Cheney (p. 27)

"Slim's Time"--a profile of Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, who may be interested in buying the New York Times

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  • The Nation (June 8) -- In the column "The Liberal Media," Eric Alterman criticizes recent coverage in many major newspapers.

William Deresiewicz reviews six books on literary Darwinism.

AP 2.N2

  • Psychology Today-- "A Fateful First Act" by Emily Laber-Warren argues that research shows "the action-packed days a baby spends in utero influence her emotional and physical makeup for years to come."

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