Friday, March 8, 2019

March Book Madness - Sweet 16 Starts Today (3/8)

Congratulations to the characters/books who are moving onto the Sweet 16!!!

The Ort Library is pleased to announce our  
6th Annual March Book Madness Tournament. 
Each of the tournaments held during the past five years have been a success because of students, faculty, and staff who vote to select our Champion. Just like the NCAA Basketball Tournament held during March, the Ort Library holds its own tournament that will crown one book the Champion of March Book Madness.
This year we are doing something different. The overall Theme is Favorite Literary Character. Each bracket will be a different type of literary character. You will vote for the character & book to advance to the finals. Through a tough and rigorous process, the library staff narrowed down the list of books to eight books in each category, for a total of 64 books.
Voting for the Sweet 16 begins on Friday March 8 (at 1 pm) and ends on Monday March 11.
Overall Theme this year is: Favorite Literary Character
The 8 categories are:
  • Heroes/Heroines
  • Monsters
  • Sidekicks
  • Child/Young Adult
  • Villains
  • Detectives/Spies
  • Parental Figures
  • Anthropomorphic Characters
Just like in the NCAA Tournament, we will start out with 64 teams (books). Student, faculty, and staff votes will determine which books move onto the Round of 32. Once the 32 books are selected, additional rounds of voting will take place to get to the Championship title game. The Champion Book will be crowned on Tuesday, April 2, 2019.

The guide can be accessed via the following link:
Some of the books for March Book Madness will also be available for you to check out on the main floor of the library (3rd floor). Just look for the display stand near the March Book Madness display case.

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