Friday, September 1, 2017

We're Hiring Federal Work-Study Students!

The Ort Library is hiring!

If you are an undergraduate student with a verified Federal Work-Study Award as part of your financial aid package, we invite you to apply!

We are looking for customer service-oriented, enthusiastic student assistants to help staff our Circulation and Media Desks! As front line staff, students should be prepared to greet and assist library users in a friendly and helpful manner.

Student assistants are responsible for:

  • answering questions both in person and on the phone
  • checking materials in and out
  • showing library users where things are located
  • helping library users search the catalog
  • assisting with printing and basic technology issues
  • retrieving/shelving items from our various collections
  • other tasks as needed

The Circulation and Media Desks have a variety of daytime and evening hours available, however students are limited to approximately six hours of work per week.

Applications are available at the Circulation Desk. Once you complete an application, return it to the Circulation Desk and bring your financial aid work-study packet and a copy of your schedule (include classes, sports activities, and any organization events that may be a routine obligation). If supervisors are available at the time you apply, you may be interviewed immediately.

For questions related to positions at the Circulation Desk, please contact Amanda Bena, Access Services Librarian, at 301-687-7012 or by email at

For questions related to positions at the Media Desk, please contact Krista McKenzie, Library Services Supervisor / Media Department, at 301-687-3085 or by email at

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