Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Einstein: His Life and Universe


His portrait graces a current Special Edition publication by Time; his life inspired a recent ten-week television series titled GeniusAlbert Einstein continues to provoke public interest with stories of both his persona and his theories. 

Walter Isaacson's biography, Einstein: His Life and Universe, is documented by primary sources and depicts an imaginative, playful scientist who struggled to survive the horrors of war and to maintain personal relationships.

Issacson’s work expertly combines descriptions of  scientific theories with examples from Einstein's letters to family and colleagues that reveal his complex personality.

In addition there are numerous occasions when Einstein understood the moral dilemma created by many theories and responded with his own memorable actions. 

If you would like to share Einstein’s journey, consider reading this biography available on Floor 5 of the Ort Library  QC16.E5I76 2007.

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