Monday, April 10, 2017

Celebrate National Library Week (April 9 - 15)

Each year the National Library Association celebrates National Library Week. It is a way for everyone to recognize the work that library's do to support their communities and research. The Ort Library is a place for learning.  Whether it is taking library instruction classes, working on the computers, or studying in one of the many study rooms, the Ort Library has everything you need to help you study and learn.
This year's display for National Library Week highlights what the staff of the Ort Library believes we are expert in; what our staff believes we excel in.  

Now we want to hear from you.

  • What do you believe the Ort Library is expert in? 
  • What do you like the best about the Ort Library?

Please leave your ideas on the easel next to the display. We will share some of these on this blog later this week.

Here are some of the responses we have received so far:


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