Thursday, January 26, 2017

Three New Library Displays

Three new displays are available on Floor 3 of the Ort Library.

The first display case on the left highlights Harry Potter Book Night. The Ort Library will host the event again this year in collaboration with the Children's Literature Centre from 6:00-8:00 p.m. on February 2.  Last year Hogwart's Express greeted visitors to the celebration in the library.

About 300 area middle school children and parents attended. Plans are underway for an even bigger celebration this year--stay tuned for additional details.

The second display recognizes January 17th as the anniversary of the first meeting of the United Nations Security Council. The display includes books from the library's collection that document the history and challenges addressed by the Council. Countries that provoked sanctions are identified. In addition to the materials assembled in the display case the Council's official website includes an extensive list of links to additional documentation.

The third display features items donated to Special Collections by Dr. Gary S. Horowitz, former Vice-President of Advancement at FSU.  Dr. Horowitz collected these items while traveling through Africa.

Items displayed include carvings, dolls and masks.

Additional items from the Horowitz Collection can be viewed in the President's Conference Room, Hitchins 218.

Visit the Dr. David M. Gillespie Special Collections on Floor 4 of the Ort Library to see the wooden carving, pictured on the left, from the Horowitz Collection.

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