Wednesday, October 12, 2016

New Library Displays for October 2016

The library is pleased to provide several new displays in the library for October 2016.

5th floor - Display celebrating the 135th birthday of Pablo Picasso. The display discusses his different artistic periods and has examples of books we have on Picasso in the library.

4th floor - Display celebrating National Cybersecurity Awareness Month.This display highlights some tools for people to be aware of when online and has examples of some of the resources available in the library on cybersecurity.

3rd floor -
  • Display highlighting the history of political cartoons. Political cartoons have been in America since before we were first a country. Ben Franklin is credited with penning the first political cartoon in America. This display also highlights Dr. Seuss, who during World War II was a prolific political cartoonist. You can see some of his cartoons on display as well as other examples of political cartoons.
  • Display highlighting the Independent Lit Festival that is being held October 14 and 15. This festival is sponsored by FSU's Center for Literary Arts.
  • FSU has great faculty and staff working for the university. Besides begin great educators, they are also researchers and authors. The display highlights some of the faculty and staff who have written books or produced other works that are available in Special Collections. 
These displays will be up through October.

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