Friday, February 26, 2016

March Book Madness Starts Friday March 4

Last year’s tournament was so successful that the Ort Library has decided to hold March Book Madness again this year. Again, our tournament will crown one book the Champion of March Book Madness. Eight different categories of books were selected and through a tough and rigorous process, the library staff narrowed down the list of books to eight books in each category, for a total of 64 books

The categories for this year's competition are:
  • Books I've Read More than Once
  • Books I was Forced to Read in High School but "Kinda Liked Anyways"
  • Books that are Better than the Movie
  • Books on my Bucket List
  • Books Made into Great Movies
  • Books Written about Animals
  • Books I Lied about Reading
  • Books I Ask Myself "Why is this a Classic?"

64 Books – 1 Ultimate Champion
March Book Madness 
begins Friday March 4


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