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John Kennedy Lacock Collection & Braddock Road Preservation Association

In 1753, our region played a major role shaping the history of America and the world.

Nemacolin’s Path, later known as Braddock Road, beginning at the junction of Will’s Creek & the Potomac was used by Gen. Braddock & his troops.  As the troops marched toward Ft. Duquesne, they widened the 110 mile path into a road suitable for the troops, artillery, wagons, and 2,200 men. Seven miles short of Fort Duquesne, Braddock’s force was surprised and routed by an allied force of French & Indians/Native Americans at the Battle of the Monongahela.  Braddock Road would become a major route for settlers heading west to the new town of Pittsburgh and beyond. The first National Pike & U.S. Route 40 follow the general path of Braddock Road &  Interstate 68 crosses over Braddock’s Road in several places.

Viewing the Forbes Road photograph albums

John Kennedy Lacock & companions walked Braddock Road in 1912, taking photographs along the way.  Lacock used the information from his walk to write Braddock’s Road.  He included information from primary sources as well as material he obtained from experts on Braddock.  In 1987, Lacock’s nephew, Voy Lacock donated his uncle’s materials to the Ort Library.  The collection includes, but is not limited to: postcards of Braddock Road, newspaper articles about the Road as well as historic events, correspondence with experts on the Road, notes and manuscript of Braddock’s Road, books, and research pertinent to the Road.

Viewing the Lacock postcards

On 6 Nov. 2015, 58 attendees of the 2015 Braddock Road Preservation Association (BRPA) participated in a narrated trip from Dunbar’s Camp (Jumonville), PA to Ft. Cumberland, MD and back to Jumonville, PA for the remainder of the seminar.  On the return trip, they stopped at the Ort Library to view the John Kennedy Lacock Collection. This is the first time that the entire collection was available for viewing.  The members were surprised to see such a large collection of materials on Braddock Road in one location.  Throughout the weekend, the members referenced the Lacock Collection & its value to researchers on the history of the French and Indian War and western expansion.

Viewing original documents

The Braddock Road Preservation Association is an advisory organization that seeks to research, develop, interpret and promote the French and Indian War history of Jumonville, Dunbar Camp, and the Braddock Road.  For more information see

The John Kennedy Lacock Collection, Braddock Road materials and more on the French and Indian War are available for browsing or research in the Dr. David M. Gillespie Special Collections, Ort Library, Frostburg State University. To browse the collection, please call or email MaryJo Price, 301 687-4889 or

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