Wednesday, July 15, 2015

What-I'm-Reading-Wednesday: Front Yard Gardens by Liz Primeau

Liz Primeau’s Front Yard Gardens is a gorgeously photographed and inspiring read.  Whether you are a master level gardener or a beginner, this book has something for you.  The books starts off with the premise that the long ignored front lawn is actually a perfect area for a true garden.  In fact, a garden in the front yard is the eco-friendly choice.   Grass takes an enormous amount of care and watering to keep it looking perfect.  Why not pitch the grass and go for something more exotic and eye-catching like stands of bee balm or, my personal favorite, loads of daylilies?

Primeau takes you through numerous examples of what your Front Yard Gardens could be.  She has examples of a Minimalist Garden (lots of stonework and perennials), Small City Gardens (lots of colorful plants – great inspiration), and an Opulent Garden (flowers, flowers, and more flowers).  She has several more types of gardens listed as well.  The author has interspersed her garden examples with helpful tips on types of flowers, laying a groundwork plan, and different groundcovers to replace grass with minimal effort.  The book is loaded with lots of useful information and background history regarding gardens.

Front Yard Gardens is a great choice for all plant enthusiasts, people interested in sustainability for their homes, and people looking to daydream about what their outdoor spaces could be.  It is sure to inspire!

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Written by Amber Harrison

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