Wednesday, June 3, 2015

What-I'm-Reading-Wednesday: The 36-Hour Day by Nancy L. Mace and Dr. Peter V. Rabins

I read the first edition of this book in 1982 when I became personally aware of the complications involved with a family member who was experiencing memory loss. Issued by the Johns Hopkins University Press, The 36-Hour Day is a family guide that details the long list of daily tasks that caregivers must address. Written by two professionals in the field of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Johns Hopkins, the book's preface to this 5th edition acknowledges the advances in understanding Alzheimer Disease and the changes that have occurred with patient care in the past three decades. Appendix 1 includes a list of recommended Internet sites for information and Appendix 2 identifies relevant organizations and their Web addresses.

A detailed contents note about the book is available.

The 5th edition of The 36 Hour Day is available on Floor 5 of the Ort Library: RC523.M33 2011.

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