Thursday, May 14, 2015

Featured Online Resource: The People's Law Library of Maryland

When researching legal matters on your own.  A recommended first stop is The People's Law Library of Maryland, provided by the Maryland State Law Library.

Justice Gavel
Rector, Tori. "Wooden Justice Gavel and Block with Brass" Creative Commons license CC BY-SA 2.0.

The goals of the People's Law Library are to:
  • Connect people to people,
  • Figure out procedures, and
  • Learn more about various legal topics.

You can contact a person for help using the District Court Self-Help Resource Center in person, by phone or  with live online chat. The "Get Help" page provides links to services for locating an attorney or other person who can assist you.

The "How Do I" box at the left provides links for learning how to find court and legal forms, prepare for court, and more.

The list of topics on the home page provide additional information on topics such as bullying in schools, traffic court, and landlord/tenant disputes.

Keep this site in mind as a first stop for legal self-help.  If in another state, check for their State Law Libraries to see if they offer a similar service.  (Of course, always consider talking to a professional for very serious matters!)

Every week, the Ort Library brings you a new and outstanding resource from the Web or from one of the library's databases. To get an archive of all FOR entries, click here. Also, you can suggest a website that provides well-organized access to useful info.

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