Friday, April 17, 2015

Featured Online Resource - Federal Mobile Apps Directory

Is there an app for that?  In the federal government, there just might be an app to suit your interests!

The Federal Mobile Apps Directory at maintains a list of all apps provided by agencies. Some of the apps are actually created by private companies or organizations, but use government data to do so.

Some interesting apps that are available include:

  • Tornado by American Red Cross - Helps you prepare for disaster as well as know what to do in the aftermath.
  • Dried Botanicals Key by Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service - Interested in arranging dried flowers or making potpourri? This can help you learn more about dried plants!
  • Eyenote by Bureau of Engraving and Printing - Accessibility app for the blind or visually impaired. Scans US paper currency and identifies the denomination.
  • Solve the Outbreak by Centers for Disease Control - Learn more about contagious disease as you attempt to solve an outbreak!
  • NORAD Tracks Santa by Dept of Defense - Have fun tracking Santa's progress across the globe!
  • ReUnited by National Library of Medicine - Reconnect with family and friends after a disaster.
  • MyTSA by Dept of Homeland Security - Be prepared to navigate through airport security by using this Frequently Asked Questions app.
  • PTSD Coach by Dept. of Veterans Affairs - learn more about, and find assistance for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • SunWise UV Index by Environmental Protection Agency - See when the sun is at its strongest to help decide when it is wise to seek some shade!
  • FBI Child ID by Federal Bureau of Investigation - Store photos and information about your child in case of emergency.
  • FEMA by Federal Emergency Management Agency - Tools and advice for use before, during and after a variety of disasters.
  • Aesop for Children by Library of Congress - Interactive book containing over 140 classic fables.
  • Be a Martian by Jet Propulsion Laboratory - Experience Mars as if you were there!
  • QuitPal by National Cancer Institute - help and support as you quit smoking
  • USPS Mobile by US Postal Service - helpful tools such as postage calculators and ZIP code lookups.
These are just apps with information from the US Government.  Consider searching for apps for your city, county, or state.  For example, Maryland offers:

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