Monday, September 22, 2014

Featured Online Resource: Getty Publications Virtual Library

This week’s Featured Online Resource is the Getty Publications Virtual Library ( This virtual library contains more than 250 titles that have been published by Getty Publications over its 40 years of existence.  The titles included in the virtual library cover art, photography, archaeology, architecture, and the humanities. The titles also include works about artists and art history and studies of the collections that the Getty holds.
The website notes that the titles are searchable by author, title, and keyword. The results include the full descriptions of the works, tables of contents, and the ability to read the book online, purchase a copy of the book, or find a print copy in a local library. Some of the titles you can download in PDF format for personal use only.

Every week, the Ort Library brings you a new and outstanding resource from the Web or from one of the library's databases. To get an archive of all FOR entries, click here. Also, you can suggest a website that provides well-organized access to useful info.

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