Monday, February 18, 2013

President's Day Facts

In honor of President’s Day, the Lewis J. Ort Library would like to highlight a few websites where you can get more information on the holiday, officially called Washington’s Birthday which many states now call President’s Day.

This site contains 49 videos on topics such as Fun Facts about the Presidents, the White House, and on the Electoral College.  It also contains several photo galleries of the Presidents from Washington to Obama.
You can read Washington’s Farewell Address.
  • The White House has a page about each of the Presidents, where you can read a biography of each of the Presidents.
  • The Huffington Post put together a slideshow of 44 facts that we might not know about the US Presidents. 
William Henry Harrison had a pet goat, Millard Fillmore married his teacher, and 42 other interesting facts.

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