Thursday, March 8, 2012

Twice as Many Dylans as Kaylas

In 2010, 10,000 Dylans were born in the United States, to just 5,000 Kaylas. I found this using WolframAlpha, simply typing "Dylan, Kayla."
WolframAlpha, the computational knowledge engine, is good for a lot of pieces of knowledge and information, many of them perfectly straightforward. However, gives us a great article, 10 Amazing Uses For Wolfram Alpha.
For example, the comparison function, whereby the user types in search terms (any search terms, and with WA it is possible to compare apples and oranges) separated by vs. gives you relevant comparisons between your items.
Mark Twain vs. J.D. Salinger , por ejemplo, shows us that one was born 176 years ago, and the other, just 93. Twain died in Redding, CT, and Salinger in Cornish, NH.

I also know that there are 538 English words ending in "rd" because I typed in "words ending in rd."

You can also figure your body mass index without having to ask your doctor.

On the advice of one of the comments beneath the article, I found out that if a woodchuck could chuck wood it would chuck, on average, 22.1 cubic inches, or "all the wood he could."

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