Friday, May 8, 2009

Library Staff Sharpens Public Service Skills

Did you know that as many as 1500 people a day visit the Ort Library? With so many FSU students, staff, and faculty requiring library services, it is important for staff at the circulation and reference desks to communicate with tact and skill, especially during stressful times, like the final weeks of the school year!

To serve the FSU user community even better, many library staff members attended an all-day workshop called Dealing with Difficult People on May 5 to sharpen their public service skills. Topics treated included conflict management, positive interaction with different personality types, and effective use of body language.

John C. Polheber facilitated this workshop, part of the Fred Pryor Seminars & CareerTrack Series. Avalon Ledong from FSU Human Resources, and Corporal Mike Ruppenkamp from the University Police also participated in the workshop. Everyone received a certificate of attendance!

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