Thursday, June 19, 2014

Featured Online Resource - Smarthistory

This week’s Featured Online Resource is the website Smarthistory ( Smarthistory began in 2005 as a place for learners to get more information about art history and for experts in the field to share information through informal videos about different art pieces. Users can search by time period (prehistoric to present), by style (Surrealism, Pop Art, etc.), and by artist (Goya, da Vinci, etc.).

The site also has a great article for those who are just learning about art history ( The site also includes information on non-Western art including art from China, India, the Islamic World, and Africa.

Every week, the Ort Library brings you a new and outstanding resource from the Web or from one of the library's databases. To get an archive of all FOR entries, click here. Also, you can suggest a website that provides well-organized access to useful info.

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